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Camps & Workshops in The Yoga Institute
Yoga, Institute, India, Santacruz, Mumbai
All through the year, Yoga Institute conducts various workshops and camps for imparting knowledge of Yoga to meet the requirements of all age groups of people and for various ailments. These activities have different time slots and have been designed keeping in mind the busy schedules of modern living.

The general information of the camps includes -
  • Seven Days Camp - This is an introductory course to Yoga theory & practice. Helps you to incorporate Yogic ideas in every field of daily life.
  • Health Camps - Yoga believes that most health conditions are psychosomatic in nature. Camps will be conducted by highly trained yoga teachers under proper guidance of a specialist doctor. Camps are highly specialised to smite particular health conditions.
  • Vacations Yoga Camps For Youngsters - Vacation Yoga camp for Youngsters at The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz(E)
    Lots of fun with games, arts and crafts, dancing, singing, drama, gardening, asanas, pranayamas, stories and more.
  • Camps On Request - These camps are on the special camps on request for groups of people. These camps are as follows -
  1. Menopause Camps
  2. Senior Citizens Camp
  3. Voice Management
  4. Educational Camps
For more details about the camps & workshops visit -


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